Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Maple is a hardwood with an excellent strength in comparison to some of the softer wood species available. It has a gentle wood grain variation that yields a very clean crisp finish. The maple wood takes stains very well, and is suitable for most every stain imaginable. This desirable wood specie is equally suitable in small kitchen and large kitchens.

The benefits of using maple kitchen cabinets is that maple is stronger than many other woods. It is more versatile wood that holds the stain well. It is also very readily available cabinet makers prefer this wood specie over other less available woods due to lower costs to acquire the raw materials.

Some of the disadvantages of maple wood is: Fading. Fading occurs as a natural process of wood and in particular wood that has been stained. It happens when the wood is exposed to direct sunlight, or even indirect sunlight over time.

It is important to note that many of our doorstyles are maple, or birch and all of our cabinets are manufactured with 1/2″ plywood boxes.